ping a weblog

maintain your own weblog which doesn't already ping this site? ping the site manually here.

want to integrate automatic pinging into your weblog software? see the details below.

have your own weblog update service, and want to know when we're pinged? see the details here.

check url:
this information will be preserved, so you can just use your primary url for subsequent pings.
feed url:
this information will be preserved, so you can just use your primary url for subsequent pings.

how to ping programatically

there are three basic ways to ping this site automatically when you update your weblog. the third method is preferred.

  1. load it will redirect back to this page (unless the direct parameter, explained below, is used). if the ping was successful, the redirect will include "state=success" in the url. the full list of parameters that are understood:
    • name: the name of the weblog
    • url: the url of the weblog
    • checkUrl: (optional) the url to be checked for the weblog status (useful when your site uses frames, so you can direct users to the frameset, but tell this site to check the correct frame for updates.)
    • rssUrl: (optional) the url of the weblog's corresponding rss or atom feed
    • direct: (optional) if set to anything other than zero, then the response will simply consist of either the text 'Thanks for the ping' or a message explaining the failure.
  2. use the xml-rpc interface at
  3. use the weblogUpdates.extendedPing xml-rpc call at this is just like but it takes two additional string parameters for the checkUrl and rssUrl. note: we save the value of the checkUrl and rssUrl, so you can simply use the form above or an extended ping once, and then continue to use the basic ping for future updates. there are examples of what the ping should look like, including names that use non-ASCII characters.

note: you must make sure the correct Host: header is included in your request when using any of these three methods.

once you use the form here to ping your website (or use the xml-rpc interface), updates from all other sources will be ignored for the next three days.