what's going on here?

this is a directory of recently updated weblogs and tools for tracking interesting weblogs, in the spirit of services like weblogs.com and blogtracker and blogrolling.com.

what is a weblog?

a weblog (or blog) is a type of web site (or page) that is organized much like a diary or journal -- short nuggets of writing added regularly (or not) as a running commentary on almost any subject. other than this time-oriented structure, one weblog may not have all that much in common with the next. to get a better sense of what a weblog is, try clicking through to different weblogs from this site (or view a random weblog by clicking here).

how can i create a weblog?

blogroots has a resources page that contains lists of blogging services and tools. that's a good place to start.

how can i get my weblog listed?

if you run a weblog, you can ping this directory (telling it that the weblog has been updated) using the ping form or the other methods listed at the bottom of that page.

how can i get someone else's weblog listed?

see above question, and pretend you run their weblog.

where else do you collect data from?

every hour (or more), lists of updated weblogs are imported from blogger.com and weblogs.com.

we ignore some updates based on how an update for a particular blog was last noticed. for example, once a site has pinged us directly, we ignore all updates from these other services for at least three days.

how do you manage duplicates?

for urls that don't include a filename (for example, 'http://example.com'), we make sure that it always includes a trailing slash (so the example becomes 'http://example.com/').

we also automatically filter out duplicates based on whether they are prefixed with 'www.' or not.

this is an area ripe for future development.

the site is all jumbled up! how am i supposed to use this?

you must be using an obsolete web browser, like netscape 4.x. sorry, the website expects a moderately-standards-compliant browser.

hey, once i've identified my list of favorite sites, can i share that with other people by putting it on my website?

certainly! if you elect to make your list of favorite sites public, you can access your list of favorites in a number of different swanky formats, suitable for importing into your own weblog template.

you can also get the list of updated weblogs via email every day. just set things up on the settings page once you've logged in.

i run a similar service, how can we share data?

check out the cloud interface. it allows you to access the live stream of updates processed by our system.

is the source code available for this?

naturally. you can view the source for almost everything from the bitkeeper repository.

what sort of hardware and software is this running on?

the software is written in php, and uses mysql as its database backend.

the service runs on Automattic's server grid.

neat stuff. who deserves my undying praise for such inspired and gifted work?

first of all, thank you for your kind words. we surely don't deserve such high praise. but what meager amounts are deserved should be directed at jim winstead. if you want to put your money where your praise is, support a good cause.

blo.gs is now owned and operated by Automattic.

i've got more questions. who can i ask?

just use the contact form. we don't promise a prompt reply, but we usually get to things eventually.