sharing your favorites

you can select your favorite weblogs to track by clicking on the ⊕ symbol next to its listing. you can also use this bookmarklet (or favelet) when you have browsed to a weblog you want to add: add to favorites.

once you've selected some of your favorite weblogs to track, you can also access this list as a feed in various formats. first, you have to go to the settings page and make the favorites list public (that's off by default, to protect your privacy). then, just use one of the formats described below.


if you'd like to have the most control over how you present your list of favorites on your web page (your blogroll, if you're hip to the crazy new lingo), you can get the list in four different xml formats (rss, opml,'s xml format, and the 'mySubscriptions.opml' format).

you should not try to grab these files more than once an hour, or you may find yourself without access to the site.

phil ringnalda has made available some instructions on how to add a blogroll to your site using php and these formats.

paul hammond has made available a perl script to grab your favorite blogs and when they've been updated.


the javascript format is suitable for including on another web using the src attribute of the script element.

note: use of this method is discouraged, particularly for high-traffic sites.

the javascript code will create a div element in the 'blogsfavs' class, which you can use css to style. each individual blog is in a div element of the 'blog' class, and the timestamp is in a span element of the 'updated' class.

here's an example stylesheet to draw a red border around the whole list, and make the update times smaller and a different color:

div.blogsfavs { border: 1px solid #c00; } span.updated { font-size: smaller; color: #ccc; }

currently, there's no way to control the date format. if you want something other than the default format, you'll have to write some code that transforms one of the xml formats above.


finally, a plain html version of your favorites is available. this uses the same formatting as the javascript version. (to view your list of favorites within the context of this site, simply click here.)